Friday, May 15, 2015


Its been quite long since we posted here. This silence does not mean that nothing is happening at Ubuntu. It just means that the energy for writing is being directed towards working on the ground. A few updates from Ubuntu Learning Village:

2014-2015 was a busy year both on the groundwork and administrative side of things. On the ground we continue to farm  to ensure that our learning space is self-sustainable. In addition to the regular farming season, where we grow the regular stuff, corn, pumpkins, peanuts, peas, beans etc, we have also added a plot where we grow vegetables 365 days a year.

Two exciting young people have joined us as well, bringing in new skills to share with the community.

Gift: Gift is a self-taught fixer of electronic devices, cellphones, radio, solar panels etc, in a addition to be a seasoned farmer. We are excited to have him with us.
Enock: Enock is an all rounder, farmer, builder and craftist extraordinaire. Enock makes those cool geikos and other crafts out of beads and wire. We are looking forward to sharing with you some one his work.

With Enock and Give on the ground we have been able to:
-Make fences to protect our crops from domesticated and forest animals
-Constructing bee hives to produce our own honey
-Build more compost toilets for the village
-Increase farm food  production

On the administrative end of things:

We are now a registered charity in Zimbabwe. We are registered as Ubuntu Learning Village Trust.

And after a long long struggle, we managed to open a bank account. We have also secured the help of an accountant to create a transparent financial accounting system for Ubuntu. The registration and bank account was essential for us to be able to access financial assistance in and outside of Zimbabwe. The accountability piece is a motivated by our principled approach to have transparency around what we do with the support from our friends.

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