Thursday, June 5, 2014

Images from Ubuntu: Food Sovereignty

These images tell the story of food production at Ubuntu. The first image was taken in October 2013, before anything was planted. After tilling the land with the support of community members, we planted corn, peanuts, watermelon, beans, cucumber, local cane sugar, among others. The second image shows rain flowing on the ground, and growing corn. There was so much rain last season that we were worried our crops were going to drown. Some of our cows had worms and wounds. Using a combination of local root medicine ( Muvengahonye- literary warm hater) and veterinary supplies the cows were healed. The corn grew well and so did the other crops as you can see from the third image and fourth image. The third image is mature drying corn. The fourth is peanuts on a drying rack. The harvest was amazing and we met one of our fundamental principles of food sovereignty for the learning village.  We also have chickens and turkey, shown in image 5. To store all this harvest we built a granary, in image 6. The granary is built with materials from the village land. Built over top of a flat rock as the foundation, with wood and clay making up the round walls and grass and wood making the cone shaped roof. 

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